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2023 Innovations: ABS Products that Redefined the Past Year

NSF Refrigeration

Looking Back on 2023

What changes shaped your 2023? As our world continues to expand, and the sci-fi predictions of the past become the reality of our present, your laboratory or workplace has probably faced many changes. Perhaps the ever-growing reach of AI transformed your business, or your lab made new discoveries in scientific research. At ABS, 2023 brought a series of groundbreaking product launches to continue expanding the possibilities and capabilities of laboratory refrigeration. Come explore the products that helped reshape our 2023.


ABS Premium Lab Refrigerators and Freezers: Silence, Savings, and Precision Cooling

Let’s start with one of our snazziest launches from 2023. Lab refrigerators are useful and functional, but can they be stylish? We think so. Trading your everyday refrigerator for an ABS Premium Lab Model is like moving from a Toyota to a Lexus. These tux-and-tails models are engineered with ultra-quiet Variable Speed Compressors (VSCs), energy-efficient hydrocarbon refrigerants, and low-cost operation. Don’t settle for basic—redefine performance in your lab.


ABT-HC-PL-49 Int Image 


Key Features:

  • Ultra-quiet operation with VSC technology
  • Smart energy consumption for optimized usage and lower bills
  • Microprocessor temperature control for uniform cooling
  • Built-in battery backup for data integrity during power outages


Looking for more customization? Explore our Premium Lab accessories below.



ABS Premium Lab Accessories: Tailor Your Lab Space

If you’re a lover of all things custom, you’re in the right place. Personalize your lab space with ABS Premium Lab accessories, offering everything from sliding drawer kits to calibration services. The magic is in the frills—(or so we’ve heard). Make this equipment uniquely yours with customizable interiors, access ports, electrical outlets, ballast kits and more.


ABT-DWRKIT-PL23 ABT-HC-PL-23 Int Image  


Key Advantages:

  • Customization for every application
  • Enhanced organization and efficiency
  • Tailored to your unique needs with versatile add-ons



ABS Laboratory Chest Freezer: Space, Control, and Sustainability

 Designed for research and preservation, the ABS Laboratory Chest Freezer is made for the scientist who always seems to need more storage. In this model you’ll find a versatile combination of spacious storage, pristine temperature control, and energy efficiency.


ABT-HC-MFS-20-C Int Image 


Key Features:

  • Microprocessor control for precise temperature management
  • Energy-efficient design with natural refrigerants
  • Spacious storage with inner baskets
  • Cost savings and sustainable design



ABS Flammable and Hazardous Location Specialty Cold Storage: Safety First

Open flames and explosions are unwelcome guests in a lab (and most other places). But no fear—ABS’s high-performance Flammable Material and Hazardous Location cold storage will keep you and your substances safe. You can bypass some things at work, but you can’t bypass safety. Protect your laboratory and your colleagues with these ultra-safe models designed for scientific and industrial settings.


ABT-HC-ERP-20 Ext ImageABT-HC-FFP-20P Ext Image



Key Features:

  • Unparalleled temperature control
  • Energy efficient operation
  • Natural hydrocarbon refrigerants
  • Superior cooling retention with inner doors on select freezer models
  • Compliance with NFPA 45 and NFPA 30 (flammable storage units)
  • Compliance NFPA and OSHA guidelines for Hazardous Locations, Class 1, Division II, Groups C & D guidelines (hazardous location units)



ABS Vaccine Refrigerators and Freezers: Premium Protection Where it Matters Most

Vaccine storage has surged to the forefront of scientific refrigeration ever since the pandemic hit our world. With emerging CDC recommendations and increasing levels of strictness for vaccine storage, ABS rose to the task. ABS’s Vaccine Refrigerators and Freezers are certified the NSF/ANSI 456 Standard for Vaccine Storage. This means these units offer top-quality protection for vaccines and pharmaceuticals, with no precaution spared. They’re engineered with microprocessor controllers, temperature alarms, natural refrigerants, and high-performance compressors for ultimate vaccine preservation.


 PH-ABT-NSF-UCFS-0504G Ext ImageNSFAsset 1NSF


Key Features:

  • NSF/ANSI 456 Vaccine Storage Certification
  • Integrated audible and visual alarms
  • Plenum airflow distribution
  • Hermetic, high-performance compressors
  • Energy efficient, hydrocarbon refrigerants
  • Maximum vaccine and pharmaceutical protection



ABS Wire Basket Accessories: Customize your Experience

If you’re looking to streamline inventory management, check out our ABS Sliding Wire Baskets for undercounter and compact units. These handy baskets will become your new best friend for enhanced organization, improved air circulation, and maximized storage space.



ABT-SLD BSKT-Full-0504 Ext ImageABT-SLD BSKT-Full-0504 Int Image


Key Features:

  • Enhanced organization and efficiency
  • Improved air circulation for product longevity
  • Maximized storage space



ABS Refrigerator and Freezer Combo Unit 16 Cu Ft

Who doesn’t like a 2-in-1 combo? Our 16 CF Refrigerator and Freezer Combination Units are your new Swiss army knife for cold storage. They deliver next-level temperature control and alarm-backed safety in both refrigerated and frozen compartments for all your laboratory applications. These units showcase everything from energy-efficient VSCs to next-generation hydrocarbon refrigerants. Simply put: you’ll reduce costs, save time, experience quiet operation, and foster a greener laboratory footprint. You’re welcome.


ABT-HC-RFC-16A Int Image 


Key Features:

  • Energy-efficient VSCs (Variable Speed Compressors)
  • Microprocessor temperature controllers
  • Protective audible and visual alarms
  • Intuitive digital displays
  • Natural hydrocarbon refrigerants



Wrapping Up 2023

In conclusion, ABS has been on a mission to redefine laboratory refrigeration in 2023. From future-focused technology to a growing focus on sustainability, ABS’s product launches promise you an elevated laboratory experience. Ready to reimagine your workspace? Explore ABS’s full range of innovations and embrace the future of laboratory refrigeration.


ABS proudly offers innovative cold storage for ultimate protection and untouched efficiency. Explore today. ABS | American Biotech Supply


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