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5 Reasons Why Lab Managers Trust American Biotech Supply for their Medical Freezers and Refrigerators

Lab managers know that the quality of the research being done is often dependent on the integrity of their cold storage system. A unit failure can lay to waste months of hard work and a lot of money. Here are five of the reasons why lab managers turn to American Biotech Supply for their medical freezers.

1. Experience

American Biotech Supply has been around for more than a quarter of a century. A lot has changed in that time, but some things stay the same, such as our commitment to providing knowledgeable and friendly customer support, and products to suit the needs of those we serve. Whether you’re looking for a small-capacity counter top refrigerator or freezer, or you’re in the market for an application-specific model or even a long-term storage option provided by a cryogenic freezer, our deep familiarity with the industry ensures that you’re getting the cold storage solution that you’re looking for while remaining in compliance with regulatory standards.

2. Superior Customer Support

Do you want to know information about our authorized distributors in your area? Are you looking for a web-based distributor you can rely on? Do you have a question about a specific product, or are you needing assistance in finding a product to suit your application? Are you wanting information about our return policy or how long it will take for your shipped product to arrive? Perhaps you’re looking for warranty information about a cold storage unit that you’ve purchased, or maybe you’d like to extend your warranty. Perhaps you simply have a question regarding the operation of your new refrigerator or freezer unit. Whatever your question, you can rest assured that our expert customer support staff has the answers. We’re proud of the work you do and, because of our commitment to you, we pride ourselves on being able to offer industry-leading solutions to your customer support needs.

3. Compliance

We understand that the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and research industries have a number of federal and state guidelines that they’re required to comply with. We are pleased to offer products that help you to meet compliance requirements for your cold storage and maintain those requirements, including:

  • CDC guidelines for vaccine storage: Our pharmacy models were specifically designed to meet these guidelines, providing you with a steady temperature between 36-46 degrees F. Our displays come pre-programmed to Fahrenheit measurements, taking the guesswork out of temperature readings. Additionally, our refrigerators come with an independent thermometer with a three year certificate of calibration and custom labeling for medication storage.

  • Vaccines for Children (VFC) state guidelines: We ensure that our products help you to meet these guidelines for safe vaccine storage that prevents loss of vaccine potency and heavy financial losses due to wasted vaccines. We offer digital data loggers and accessories to ensure your full compliance with the guidelines in your state.

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): ADA requires that your work spaces — including cold storage — are at a height that they remain accessible to employees with disabilities. We ensure that you have options when it comes to ADA-compliant units.

  • Energy Star Certification: Many of our units are Energy Star certified, and we add additional models on a regular basis. Our goal is to have our entire inventory certified through this voluntary program in order to help our customers save money and protect our climate.

  • EPA/SNAP: We are pleased to be leading the way in our industry with models that use hydrocarbon refrigerants — an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional refrigerants that contain hydroflourocarbon. Hydroflourocarbon units are associated with global warming as they can produce thousands of times the warming potential of carbon dioxide. The older refrigerants are going to be phased out, and our new hydrocarbon models comply with the proposed standards offered by EPA/SNAP, with zero ozone depleting potential. Hydrocarbons absorb heat faster than traditional refrigerants and use less energy, adhering to the program’s goal of reducing direct greenhouse emissions by 99 percent. We plan to have all of our units converted to hydrocarbon in 2020.

4. A Commitment to Sustainability

Beyond Energy Star certifications and EPA SNAP compliance, sustainability is a vital part of the culture at American Biotech Supply. We are committed to programs that reduce, reuse, and recycle oil, water, paper, electricity, and scrap metal. We’ve set yearly sustainability goals in order to track our progress and exceed our own expectations.

American Biotech Supply is devoted to helping the planet as well as the people who share it with us. We are actively involved in community outreach programs, and we have donated more than $50,000 worth of vaccine refrigerators and freezers to healthcare providers who are working in developing countries. 

5. Products Specifically Designed for Your Needs

We offer a wide selection of products because our customers have a lot of different needs. Some of our extensive offerings include:

  • Refrigeration units in various styles, such as laboratory or pharmacy glass door units, laboratory or pharmacy solid door units, under counter or counter top models for lab use or pharmaceutical use, compact units for small spaces, dual temperature refrigerator and freezer combination units, models used for chromatography, stainless steel models, pass thru models, flammable storage units, and units for hazardous locations.

  • Freezer models such as under the counter or counter top units, auto defrost models, manual defrost models, freezers for flammable storage or hazardous locations, stainless steel freezers, ultra low temperature freezers.

  • Specialty products such as controlled auto defrost and controlled room temperature.

  • Cryogenic products including box rack storage, auto fill tanks, sample storage in canisters, vapor shippers, liquid dewars.

  • Accessories, including keyless access locks and temperature monitoring devices.

These are just a few of the reasons that lab managers trust American Biotech Supply for their medical freezers, but there are many more that we’re eager for you to know about. Visit our website for more information and contact our customer support personnel for answers to any questions you might have.


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