Water Resistant Aprons

Product Number: ABS CG A 36, ABS CG A 42, ABS CG A 48

American BioTech Supply's line of aprons offer ideal body and leg protection against splashes and spill during the filling and handling of LNsupply cylinders and bulk tanks, and during maintenance of cryogenic equipment. Multiple layers of 100% nylon and 3M™ insulated allow for durable protection in low temperature environments. Adjustable straps with quick-release buckles provide added safety and convenience. 

Sizing: Aprons are available in three lengths: 36", 42", and 48".

 Model Length 
ABS CG A 36  36" Long Water Resistant Apron 
ABS CG A 42  42" Long Water Resistant Apron 
ABS CG A 48  48" Long Water Resistant Apron