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Best Laboratory Freezers: A Complete Guide for Hospital Administrators

Purchasing new equipment for your clinical or research lab can be a daunting task. While budgetary concerns are always on your mind — and should be — there are other important aspects that you need to consider in order to ease the burden on your staff, fit in the space you have designated for the unit, and keep your lab in compliance with cold storage requirements. Here is more information.

Types of Laboratory Freezers

American Biotech Supply is an industry leader when it comes to laboratory freezers. While our knowledgeable customer support staff is more than happy to share in-depth details about any of the laboratory freezers that we offer, here is a brief look at each variety.

  • Undercounter/ Countertop: Ideal for limited space, we offer both budget-friendly standard undercounter/ countertop models, as well as premier models. The standard freezers come with a mechanical thermostat, while many of the premier models feature a digital temperature display, digital microprocessor, and audible and visual alarms to warn you when the freezer door has been left open or the temperature has changed.

  • Auto Defrost: Auto defrost freezers allow your team to focus on the work at hand without worrying about ice build up in the laboratory freezer or periodically defrosting the unit.

  • Manual Defrost: Manual defrost units do not contain heating elements, which means that they use less energy to work. They feature the most stable temperatures, which is why many medical and research labs use them. However, they require regular defrosting in order to maintain optimum functionality.

  • Manual Defrost Chest: Chest freezers are a great choice for long term storage. As with most of our selections, we offer a budget conscious standard model as well as a premier model with additional features that include a LED digital display, digital microprocessor and temperature display, audible and visual alarms, as well as a power-outage alarm so that you’re never surprised to discover that your unit has lost power.

  • Flammable Storage: If cold storage of flammable compounds is required, you need a lab freezer that is up to handling the job. We offer several models, including standard, premier, our premier model with natural, earth-friendly refrigerants, and our Templog premier model with top-of-the-line temperature control, enhanced security features, and data logging.

  • Hazardous Location: Explosion-proof freezers are a must-have if you need cold storage in a hazardous location. We provide standard lab freezers particularly for high-chemical areas with mechanical temperature displays and prices that hospital administrators love.

  • Ultra Low Temperature: Our ultra-low temperature freezers make your ULT cold storage management a breeze with easy-to-follow prompts. Further, you have the temperature control data you need for troubleshooting right at your fingertips with control system monitoring that records up to 4,000 events and a downloadable history for rapid assessment.

Selecting the Right Size for Your Projects & Space

Alongside price, selecting the right size freezer for your space and needs is an important decision. If your freezer is too small, it will lead to disorganization and lost samples. If your freezer is too large and nearly empty, you will face more frequent ice build up on manual defrost models and unnecessary energy usage with auto defrost models. On the other hand, having a lot of items that need cold storage matters little if your freezer doesn’t have a dedicated outlet and a room where it fits properly.

Our expert customer service representatives are happy to discuss with you options to suit the space and the needs of your staff.

Features to Consider

While additional features raise the price of the unit, sometimes the ability to log your temperature management data and to rest easy in the knowledge that audible and visual alarms will warn you if there is a problem is an absolute necessity. If that’s the case for you, we have you covered. Here is a brief listing of the features that are found in our premier units, depending on the style you choose, for you and your team to consider:

  • Digital temperature display

  • Digital 24-hour temperature chart

  • Digital microprocessor

  • Audible and visual alarms

  • Power failure alarm

  • Door ajar alarm

  • Sensor failure alarm

  • Alarm mute with ring back

  • Remote alarm contacts

  • Bi-color LED display

  • Touch-screen display

  • Resettable min/max

  • Data logging

  • State-of-the-art product security

  • A USB port for easy transfer of data and software updates

  • Castors to allow for the unit to be easily moved from one location to another

  • Magnetic door gaskets to ensure a good seal and prevent airflow in your unit

  • Active temperature scale bar display

  • Electronic trouble shooting guide

  • Electronic QR code to access the owner manual and technical support contact information

Budget Considerations

As with anything else, tight budgets may cause a crimp in your ability to provide your team with a unit to suit all of its daily needs and features that make their jobs easier. Rest assured, if you’re concerned with price, our standard models are an affordable option with features suitable for day-to-day use, as well as parts and labor warranties and American Biotech Supply’s top-notch customer service for every client at every price point.

Let Us Help!

Our products are available exclusively through our Authorized Distribution Partners, and when you’re ready to purchase your unit, we can direct you to a partner who provides products in your area. You can also purchase our products that you’ve researched on our website by providing the model number to the company you normally purchase your medical supplies through, allowing them to provide you with our pricing and availability. You can also contact our responsive customer service team with any questions you might have by calling 1-800-648-4041.  

For laboratory purposes, a common household freezer will not do. You need a unit designed to maintain the specific cold temperature your industry requires. Our dedication to providing the best laboratory freezers to our customers is not only the reason ABS is a trusted name for your temperature controlled needs, but the reason our customers are eager to recommend our products to other clinical and research laboratories as well.

Please contact us to discuss the best possible solutions for your refrigeration requirements and needs

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