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Chromatography Refrigerators 101: Everything You Need to Know

Chromatography Chemistry Vials

What is Chromatography?

Today we’ll explore the topic of chromatography refrigeration. In this guide you’ll learn the basics of how chromatography refrigerators are used and what to look for in your search for the best unit. To begin, let’s start by defining chromatography itself.

Chromatography began in the 1800s when artists learned to separate colors by chemical properties. Scientists adopted the idea, and now chromatography is defined as the process by which we separate, examine and purify mixtures.1


What is a Chromatography refrigerator?

A chromatography refrigerator is a specialized cold storage unit used in scientific and clinical laboratories. Chromatography refrigerators are designed to store medical and scientific samples. They often feature access ports and enhanced accessibility. These access points enable researchers to perform chromatography separations within the chamber. Chromatography refrigerators are primarily used in clinical and research settings.


What are Chromatography Refrigerators used for?

Chromatography is often used in scientific and industrial laboratories to separate and examine different substances. For example, chemists and physicists use chromatography to analyze organic matter—from plant materials to earth metals.2 Chromatography refrigerators allow scientists to maintain stable, cool temperatures around the samples as they work.

The uses of chromatography analysis are far-reaching. One scientific company, Cole-Parmer, writes that, “Chromatography can be used in a myriad of applications from analyzing miniscule samples to production-scale use as a purification step. For example, chromatography can be used to quantify how much pesticide residue was present in a batch of apple juice or determine how much of an active drug is present in a pill.”3 Whatever your application, a chromatography refrigerator is important in many scientific and research settings.


Features to Look for in a Chromatography Refrigerator

Chromatography refrigerators come in a variety of sizes with different features and price points, but the below sections will give you a good understanding of what to look for to find the best chromatography refrigerator for you.

Chromatography Scientists

Excellent Temperature Stability

Temperature control reigns supreme in chromatography cold storage. The sensitivity of scientific and medical samples makes excellent temperature stability critical. The ideal choice is microprocessor temperature regulation. A microprocessor controller will give you precise accuracy and complete temperature control.


Access Ports and Duplex Outlet Boxes

Chromatography refrigerators often come equipped with at least one duplex outlet and access port. Different chromatography refrigerator models will allow you to choose different port types and amounts based on your need. Keep your purpose and everyday applications in mind as you select these features.


Chromatography Instrumentation

Chromatography instrumentation should make your everyday tasks easier. This instrumentation will vary between scientific, medical, and industrial laboratories. If you don’t know the standard instrumentation for your industry or application, do a quick web search to see what other professionals are using.


Remote Alarm Contacts and Alarm Features

Chromatography refrigerators with temperature alarms can protect valuable substances from spoilage. Remote alarm contacts can connect to your centralized alarm system, streamlining your safety and ensuring sample security. Both temperature alarms and remote alarm contacts can save you great amounts of money, time, and waste. Not to mention peace of mind.


Display and Controller Features

Digital display readouts are helpful for precision temperature tracking. If your chromatography application needs specialized temperature control, make sure each of the units you’re considering can meet the requirements. As mentioned earlier, a microprocessor temperature controller will offer the highest level of temperature stability and control. A microprocessor controller can also track temperatures to a tenth or hundredth of a degree.


Data Logging and Media Storage

Digital data logging is designed to streamline your record keeping process. Digital record systems are accurate and fast. If your chromatography refrigerator comes with digital data logging capabilities, you can often customize programs to your specific application.


Glass Doors for Chromatography Applications

Glass doors are highly desired for chromatography refrigerators. Chromatography instrumentation is often used inside the refrigerator chamber, therefore transparent doors are vital to these processes. Glass doors are standard for most chromatography units, but if you have a choice, choose a glass door option.


Natural Refrigerants

Some chromatography refrigerators offer natural refrigerants. Natural hydrocarbon refrigerants are designed for environmental safety and energy efficiency. Hydrocarbons are some of the most energy efficient refrigerants on the market and can save you a lot of money over the long haul. Definitely a valuable feature to look out for.



Product certifications are like trusted stamps of approval on your equipment. Certifications signify that a unit meets the conditions most crucial to its performance. If you can’t easily find the certifications of a unit, request a list of product certifications from the manufacturer.


Parts and Labor Warranty

Mistakes happen. Materials wear out. Your cold storage suddenly isn’t cold anymore. This is where warranties come in. A warranty will protect your refrigerator if the temperature control isn’t working, or a caster falls off. Whatever the problem, a good warranty will have you covered for the long haul. Warranties should come with all high performance chromatography refrigerators.



Conclusion: Choosing the Best Chromatography Refrigerator for You

With the above principles in mind, you should have all the tools you need to choose the best chromatography refrigerator for you. Chromatography requires scientific precision. Make sure your refrigerator is up to the task.


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