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Chromatography Refrigerators: What You Should Know Before Your Next Purchase

Chromatography is an important part of a number of projects and processes. If it’s an area that your researchers are involved with, you’re likely already aware of the need for a cold area to store their materials. While this could be done in a cold room, space is always a consideration, as is the need for some components of the equipment used to be stored at room temperature. For the comfort of your researchers and the cost effectiveness and practicality of the area where they conduct their work, a better solution would be a new chromatography refrigerator that can act as your own compact research laboratory.



As with any laboratory refrigerator, one of the most important factors to consider is the size of your unit. And, of course, part of determining the size of your unit depends on where you’re going to keep it, while the other part is calculated based on the number of projects that are going to require space in the refrigerator at any given time.

American Biotech Supply offers a number of Standard, Premier, and Templog Premier quality chromatography refrigerators ranging in size from a 16 cubic foot single door model for smaller facilities, to a double or triple door model with 47 to 72 cubic feet of capacity.


Price is always an important consideration when budgeting for new lab equipment such as a chromatography refrigerator. In fact, many laboratory managers or hospital administrators are tempted to reduce the cost of the equipment by using another type of equipment, such as a household refrigerator, instead of buying a refrigerator specifically designed for chromatography needs. It is important not to do that, however. Household refrigerators lack the precise temperature control needed to keep your research projects viable and to maintain the integrity of your work.

Price is determined largely by the number of features the unit provides. The Templog Premier and Premier models will be more expensive than the Standard models, as you will be paying more for additional features that are offered with the premier units. However, many of these features are designed with the specific needs of your researchers in mind — particularly the ability to log data and maintain precise temperature control — so do keep an open mind to that when considering the prices of units that match your size specifications. Cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to equipment for your lab.

A quick guide to our three varieties of units:

  • Standard: Budget-friendly models focuses on satisfying the every day cold storage needs of a research environment. These units are ideal for storing non-critical materials such as reagents, media, and proteins.

  • Premier: Focus is placed more on temperature control that is demanded of your cold storage applications and less on data logging.

  • Templog Premier: Provides superior temperature management, product security, and data logging to suit even the most demanding research environment. 


Some of the features that may be important to your lab’s projects include:

  • Glass doors so that researchers can monitor their projects without opening the door and risking slight changes in temperature and humidity. 

  • Auto defrost, preferred by most labs for the convenience of not having to transfer work to another refrigerator, as well as the uniform internal temperature provided by auto defrost units.

  • Touch screen and alarm that will provide alerts if the temperature is too low.

  • Keyed door lock to control access to the unit to only those who need it.

  • Data logging in order to track temperature and alarms.

  • A magnetic door gasket to provide a strong seal.

  • Swivel castors that allow you to move the unit easily.

  • A digital microprocessor temperature control that provides precise temperature management.

  • Safety shielded lights that are switch controlled to further maintain exact control over the refrigerator’s environment.

  • Environmentally friendly, natural hydrocarbon refrigerants to vastly reduce global warming potential.

  • Some units are Energy Star rated.

  • Adjustable shelving for safe and organized storage.

  • Forced air directional refrigeration.

  • A temperature monitoring system that is completely separate from your temperature controller.

  • Sensors that warn you if there is a power outage or the refrigerator door has been left open.

  • Lengthy parts and labor warranties, as well as extended warranties on compressor parts.

  • A password protected control panel for additional security.

  • Side wall port holes for simplified laboratory procedures.

For More Information

When it comes to important research projects, you put a lot of time and money on the line. American Biotech Supply understands this, as we have been in the business of meeting the temperature controlled equipment need for research and health care facilities for a quarter of a century. Our experienced customer service representatives are focused on helping you to find a chromatography refrigerator that will provide your team with the size and data logging specifications you require at a price point that fits your budget. Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t stop there, however. We remain devoted to ensuring that your refrigerator is working as you need it to long after the sale is made with our top-of-the line warranty options and customer support that leads the industry. In addition to superior support, we are partners in supporting the environment by providing planet friendly options that are compatible with national and global initiatives. Contact us for more information or to begin the journey of selecting the perfect refrigeration unit for your lab.

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