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How to Solve Temperature Fluctuations in Lab Refrigerators



No matter what you store in your laboratory refrigerator, you probably have one goal—to keep it safe. Changing temperatures inside your refrigerator can cause devastation to samples and endless waste. This article will explore what happens when temperatures fluctuate, what causes these fluctuations, and solutions to help keep your samples protected.


Understanding Temperature Fluctuations

Temperature fluctuations in lab refrigerators can occur for many reasons. Frequent door openings, poor insulation, and overpacked samples can cause unwanted temperature shifts. Issues with a refrigerator’s internal mechanics may also cause temperature differences.

At surface level, these temperature changes might not seem like much. But the consequences can be disastrous. Temperature shifts can change the chemical properties of samples, damage proteins, make medications less effective, and even affect the accuracy of research data. So what’s the answer? Let’s take a look.


Protecting Against Temperature Fluctuations

Here’s what to look for while inspecting your own equipment for temperature changes. Or if your unit doesn’t have these safeguards, consider looking for these features while shopping for a new unit:


Precise Temperature Control:

A reliable controller is the first step in mitigating temperature changes. Microprocessor controllers are the gold standard in temperature control. These controllers help keep temperatures accurate and uniform. If possible, protect your samples with high-performance microprocessors.


Temperature Monitoring:

Temperature monitoring can give you great peace of mind. Built-in systems are always best. In case something does go wrong, internal temperature monitoring systems will have your back. You’ll receive alerts and notifications in real-time, so you can fix any deviations right away. 


Advanced Insulation:

Premium insulation helps reduce temperature changes caused by external environments. Insulation also creates a more stable internal environment for preserving samples. Check the insulation on your existing unit, and before you buy a unit, find out the insulation type. High-density foam insulation is a good choice.


Optimal Storage Configuration:

If you’re trying to restabilize temperature in your existing refrigerator, organizing samples properly is crucial. Overpacked or poorly arranged contents can greatly affect your refrigerator’s internal temperature. Instead, rearrange contents for efficient airflow in a well-designed storage layout to keep temperatures at peak.


Robust Cooling Systems:

If you’re looking for a new unit, explore refrigeration systems that deliver reliable and consistent cooling. Powerful compressors and well-designed airflow will contribute to stable temperatures. Check to see if temperatures recover quickly after door openings. This will minimize damage from temperature fluctuations.


Compliance with Regulatory Standards:

Your laboratory refrigerator—whether new or old—should meet strict regulatory guidelines. These standards are created to ensure optimal conditions for each scientific and medical application. Make sure your equipment is up to the task.


Wrapping Up

Whatever need you have in laboratory cold storage, we probably have a solution. ABS refrigerators feature microprocessor controllers, temperature monitoring systems, high-density foam insulation, well-designed storage layouts, and powerful compressors. They also adhere to the highest industry regulatory standards for preserving laboratory and medical samples.

With ABS, you can confidently deal with temperature fluctuations and return your focus to your work. Continue advancing scientific discoveries with confidence and precision. And keep your laboratory running smoothly for years to come.


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