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Keyless Locks For Secure Medication Lock Up

The proper storage of medications in any healthcare facility is a matter of utmost importance. Insecurely storing medicines, vaccines, and other related controlled substances can increase the chances of theft, tampering, and malpractices like unauthorized access. Such incidents not only harm the reputation of the medical facility but can also put the lives of patients at risk. Hence, medications must be stored in secured locations that are only accessible to authorized personnel. One way of doing this is through the installation of locks on medication storage units, medical refrigerators, and freezers.

American Biotech Supply offers a range of keyless locks for this specific purpose. Keyless locks are both effective and tamper-proof. They are suitable for preventing medication theft. Moreover, the manufacturing of these locks happens in compliance with the various guidelines that are in place. 

In this article, let’s take a detailed look at keyless locks- their necessity and benefits. Read on to know more!

Why Is It Necessary To Lock Medications?

As mentioned, proper medication storage involves locking of the medicines. Most hospitals and medical facilities abide by specific guidelines to ensure security. The Pharmacy Director usually lays down policies regarding the proper storage and dispensing methods of the important drugs Almost all medical facilities lock their medication supplies for the following crucial reasons.

1. Prevention Of Medication Theft

The theft of medication is a serious issue, especially in the case of controlled drugs. When in the wrong hands, these drugs can wreak havoc. Moreover, hospitals always account for their supply and may not have excess medications sometimes. Hence, if anything goes missing or gets stolen, it can gravely affect the treatment of critically ill patients.

2. Prevention Of Tampering Of Medicines

Medicine tampering is yet another key problem that can be prevented by locking the medications. Tampering can render expensive and life-saving drugs completely useless and even make them harmful when administered. Putting locks on medication storage boxes and refrigerators can greatly control this complication.

3. Stopping Unauthorized Access

Most medical facilities need to store medicines and drugs that have very specific handling instructions. Only certain experienced people can prepare and administer such medicines. As a result, unauthorized access to such compounds can pose a significant threat. Installation of keyless locks takes care of this by providing access to only cleared and authorized individuals.

4. Reduction Of Storing And Dispensing Errors 

When not locked properly, medication storing and dispensing errors can increase. That includes both storing similar-sounding medicines in the wrong box or taking one medication in place of another. Both of these situations can have a high negative impact. Locking the storage boxes is an easy yet effective method to prevent such a mix-up.

The Benefits Of Installing Keyless Locks

When it comes to the question of the security of storage boxes, refrigerators, or freezers, keyless locks are the most useful for the purpose. These locks have certain benefits over the traditional key-locking mechanisms. They are arguably more secure and can prevent break-ins more effectively. 

Below are some important advantages of installing keyless locks for storing medicines at a medical facility-

  • Higher durability- Keyless locks are more durable than their mechanical counterparts. Since there are no moving parts, these locks undergo less wear and tear, thus remaining functional for a longer time. 

  • Can provide hierarchical access to multiple people- Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of this kind of locks is that it can give access at different levels to multiple people. Usually, there are supervisor codes and other user codes. This means that the system can be controlled and people can access only those medications for which they have permits.

  • Easily installed on existing storage- These locks can be installed on the already existing medication boxes and refrigerators. 

  • Factory installation makes them more tamper-proof-  Usually the professionals install the locks in the factory itself. Since it is not a DIY process, the mechanism is quite secure and can prevent tampering.

  • Low battery indicators- Most keyless locks come with low battery indicators. These give warnings before the batteries need replacing. This prevents any sudden surprises.

  • Easy to clean and maintain- Keyless locking mechanisms are easy to maintain. Simply clean the keypad area by wiping it down regularly.

  • Convenient to access- With these locks, there is no need to carry around a bunch of keys anymore. You will not have to worry about losing your keys or misplacing them in the wrong place. 

Some Important Guidelines

There are certain guidelines when it comes to the storage of medications, vaccines, and other drugs. The Joint Commission’s Medical Management 03.01.01 regulations specify some points concerning the proper storage of medicines. It requires medicines to be stored safely as per manufacturer’s recommendations. It also gives guidelines for the storage of scheduled (controlled) substances

Drug Enforcement Authority also lays down some very important guidelines, particularly regarding the storage and handling of scheduled substances. Since certain scheduled substances are critical components of life-saving drugs, these rules need to be followed when storing those medicines. 

The installation of keyless locks complies with these guidelines and provide the level of security that is recommended for medical facilities. 

Our Services

Following all the necessary protocols for medication storage is crucial to the overall safety of medication management at hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, and other similar medical facilities. 

When you buy keyless locks from American Biotech Supply, we guarantee that you will receive a superior quality product that is designed to suit your exact needs. Our experts make sure to share their knowledge and expertise with you so that you can ultimately find a solution that fits your business requirements.  In addition, our great customer support service is dedicated to providing all the help that you need. The customer support personnel are always available in every step of the way to answer all your queries regarding issues like troubleshooting, warranty, installation process, and service requests. 

So, if you are looking for a secure medication lock-up option, our keyless locks are just right for you.

We have more than 25 years of experience in creating great quality medical products and accessories. We take great care to offer compelling solutions to our customers at competitive prices. For more information about our products and solutions, please get in touch with us today.


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