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Newly listed Energy Star Certified Under Counter Refrigerator

American Biotech Supply’s Under Counter Refrigerator, ABT-HC-UCFS-0504G, is one of the most popular products within ABS’s growing Energy Star Certified portfolio. This model is designed for laboratory and research applications. This undercounter laboratory refrigerator with natural refrigerants has significantly lower energy consumption compared to models using HFC refrigerants.  Not only does this model operate with a lower energy consumption, the efficient natural refrigerants are free of ozone-depleting properties, making it completely harmless to the environment. Additionally, the interior chamber is brightly illuminated with energy-saving LED lights that are switch activated.


The 5.0 cu.ft capacity refrigerator is ideal where space is at a premium in laboratory and research environments. Enhancing its compact size, the ABT-HC-UCFS-0504G refrigerator needs only four inches of clearance on the sides and back, enabling ease in placement and optimizing workflow. The refrigerator has all the features required for laboratory safety and security for critical cold storage in laboratory refrigeration and medical refrigeration applications.


This unit features laminar flow air circulation, optimizing temperature uniformity and stability.  Product stored in the chamber is kept viable through the enhanced forced-draft air circulation.  Additional features incorporated in the adjustable shelving further enhance air flow and temperature uniformity.


These refrigerators come standard with a keyed door lock and has available options for keyless door entry.  The door and frame were thoughtfully designed to ensure compatibility with most independent locking devices.


The ABT-HC-UCFS-0504G purpose-built laboratory refrigerator has a large digital temperature display that effectively shows the sample-simulated temperature, providing a real-time understanding of the product temperature rather than displaying only the air temperature which can change more rapidly.


This under counter laboratory refrigerator provides precise temperature control that is maintained with a microprocessor digital temperature controller. This laboratory grade refrigerator is factory set and tested to cycle at the optimum temperatures required for critical lab cold storage. The built-in temperature controller also features audible and visual high/low temperature alarms that provides local notification when the chamber has become too warm or too cold. Added security to the local audible and visual alarms is provided with the remote alarm contacts that enable the client to connect to their own independent monitoring system.  The ABT-HC-UCFS-0504G lab refrigerator can work with any monitoring device installed through the standard probe access port. The probe access port allows the user to easily introduce an independent monitoring device as a redundant backup to the local alarm capabilities. The probe access port can be sealed to prevent warm air infiltration into the chamber.  This feature provides the best customer friendly solution to additional data logging and monitoring compared to routing the device through the door gasket which could cause temperature fluctuations, condensation, and icing as on competitors’ refrigerators and freezers.


The first in class warranty offered on the ABT-HC-UCFS-0504G includes two years parts and labor as well as access to American Biotech Supply’s knowledgeable Technical Support representatives. 


Additional accessories that are offered for the ABT-HC-UCFS-0504G include additional shelves, wireless and USB data loggers, as well as keyless access locks.


This unit can be found here: ABT-HC-UCFS-0504G

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