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Auto Max System, 24,050 Vials Polycarbonate Package System

Product Number: AMIV-2 PS

The AutoMax Systems, with the convenience of polycarbonate or fiberboard boxes, lets you achieve maximum cryogenic vial storage capacities while maintaining LN levels automatically. Vial storage in boxes allows for ease of use and accurate inventory of samples. The auto fill control assures proper LN levels. For sample security the control features low level, LN supply and sensor fault alarms. Enjoy the benefits of automatic filling without excess complexity or cost.

AutoMax 2 Polycarbonate package systems include: AutoMax Tank, Sentry LN₂ Controller, stainless steel rack inventory system, transfer hose, CryoGloves, LNmeasuring rod, and polycarbonate boxes (25 cell, 81 cell or 100 cell).

  • Stainless steel vacuum tank
  • Recessed casters 
  • Sentry LN₂ Controller
  • UL-Listed Transformer
  • Fiberglass top
  • 7 in. Foam insulated hinged lid with locking provision, protective boot, and pneumatic lifters
  • Full access opening
  • Leveling platform
  • Stainless steel armor-plated transfer hose
  • Liquid Level Measuring Ruler
  • (17) 13-2 Tower Racks (13 Boxes per rack)
  • (6) 13-2 Mini Tower Racks (13 Mini Boxes per rack)
  • (221) 81/100 cell polycarbonate boxes
  • (78) 25 cell mini polycarbonate boxes
  • One pair of CryoGloves
  • One-year warranty on all parts and labor
  • Three-year vacuum warranty
  • Total Vial Capacity (2 ml Vial) –24,050
  • Total Bag Capacity (250 ml Bag) – 535
  • LNCapacity (Liters) – 365
  • Static Evaporation Rate* (Liters/Day) – 7
  • Normal Working Time* (Days) – 52
  • Power Requirement – 24 VAC
  • Exterior Width (mm) – 863.6  
  • Exterior Depth (mm) – 977.9
  • Overall Height** (mm) – 1117.6
  • Usable Height (mm) – 736.6
  • Internal Diameter (mm) – 787.4

*Static Evaporation Rate is nominal, actual rate and holding time will be affected by the nature of container use, atmospheric conditions, and manufacturing tolerances. 
**Normal Working Time is an arbitrary reference, to estimate container performance under normal operating conditions. Actual working time may vary due to current atmospheric conditions, container history, manufacturing tolerances and any individual patterns of use. 

  • Temperature Display (°C)
  • Level accuracy with 4 direct read sensors
  • Large Format LED Display
  • Alarm Ringback
  • Redundant Level Sensor System
  • Liquid Level Indicator
  • Alarm Package (Audible, Visual and Remote)
    º     Level, High and Low
    º     High Temperature
    º     Sensor Failure
  • Remote Monitoring System Available