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The Ultimate Buying Guide for Ultra Low Freezers

With a life expectancy of around 15 years, it isn’t often that a research or hospital lab needs to purchase an ultra low temperature freezer. There have likely been some changes in technology since the last time you purchased a ULT unit. Here is a look at some considerations that must be made before you purchase your next one.

Signs That Its Time for a New Unit

If you’ve experienced any of the following, it may be time for you to purchase a new ultra low freezer unit:

  • You find that your freezer is needing maintenance to remove ice build up more frequently

  • Even with a routine schedule for cleaning the unit and removing samples that are no longer needed as well as strong organizational protocols, your team still doesn’t have enough space to suit the long term cold storage needs of the lab

  • You are no longer able to trust the integrity of the temperature control system on your current unit

  • Your unit lacks energy efficiency

  • You find that your unit is taking longer for temperature recovery after doors are opened or closed

  • Your lab is new or you have new needs that require the storage of biological samples at extremely low temperatures

New Units Offer More Energy Efficiency

Since CFCs were banned, the refrigerants used to cool ULT units have become more environmentally friendly. American Biotech Supply’s ULT models use a cascade refrigeration system involving CFC-free refrigerants that have lower global warming potential while providing less noise and heat than older systems do. In addition, the cascade system as well as the quality insulation used in the unit’s critical areas and triple gasket seal provides superior low temperature stability, which is a must-have with the long term storage of important samples.

Size Is More Than Just a Number

One of the important considerations when you’re determining the size of the unit you need is always going to be the amount of dedicated space you have for the unit. Your unit should be placed in an area that has sufficient ventilation and is not in high traffic areas or areas where several other units are being stored in close proximity. American Biotech Supply’s ULT inventory features castors for ease in moving the unit to the location you desire.

The size of the unit also matters, as — in concert with the shelving system within the unit — this dictates how much storage you have for samples. Remember that a smaller unit also has a higher energy consumption than a larger unit. Many lab managers are tempted to provide their teams with a farm of smaller units thinking that this will be a more energy efficient way to go. However, if energy efficiency is a priority consideration, it is often preferable to share resources if possible and purchase a higher capacity unit.

Our ULT units utilize a standard rack system and utilize two highly efficient compressors that provide low noise and 300 BTUh of reserve capacity.

Be Alarmed

The technology of alarm systems provided in new ULT models is something that can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your unit is not only providing a stable temperature for the safe storage of your samples but, if the temperature should increase for some reason, your unit will let you know. American Biotech Supply’s units come with both audible and visual alarms, and further place the ability to control temperature and security in your hands with the following features:

  • Programmable high and low temperature alarm set points

  • Touch pad keys and a four-line display to keep programming simple

  • A programmable access code to secure the access to set points and controller configuration

  • Back up battery for electrical components in the event of a power outage

  • The control system monitors and records up to 4,000 events. This history can be downloaded and printed for rapid assessment in the event of an alarm

  • Additional audible and visual alarms that warn if a door has been left ajar

Reliability of the Unit

When researching possible brands of ultra low temperature units, it’s important to find a manufacturer that you can trust. American Biotech Supply has been providing superior temperature controlled units to our clients in the healthcare, lab and clinical research, and pharmaceutical industries for 25 years. In that time, we’ve garnered the reputation of providing trusted solutions at competitive prices. If you know of a lab that is already using one of our ultra low temperature units, ask the team there what they like about the unit. We are confident that the quality of our units speaks for itself.

It is important to remember that, with any built-for-purpose controlled temperature unit, you must have proper ventilation and regular maintenance to keep the unit working properly. It is important to allow at least 8 inches of space on the top of the unit and 5 inches of space around the back and sides. Regular maintenance should include defrosting the unit at least once a year or when needed to eliminate ice buildup, gently cleaning dust and debris on filters, condenser, and other components at least once every three months, and regularly wiping down the gaskets, and checking the integrity of the gasket seals.


Be Supported

Often, when purchasing equipment for your lab, you find that the customer support goes away shortly after the purchase is made, and certainly well before the parts and labor warranty on the unit has expired. Our customer support remains for the life of your unit and our knowledgeable support team is on-hand to help you find an authorized distribution partner in your area, to explain the extensive warranty package we offer at the time of purchase, expert guidance in choosing the right sized unit, and any questions you might have about the unit after it arrives. Turn to American Biotech Supply for your next ULT unit and see what industry-leading support truly is.

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