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Top ABS Feature Trends of 2022

Cold Storage Trends

Trend Highlights from 2022

American Biotech Supply is kicking off the new year with a lookback at 2022 and some of our best-selling trends that took the spotlight. Are these features important to you? If so, you’re not alone. Here are our customers’ most-loved features from the past year.


Pharmacy and clinical designs

ABS specializes in pharmacy and clinical cold storage, and 2022 was no exception. Most of our top sellers were pharmacy and vaccine models. 2022 also welcomed new NSF/ANSI 456 vaccine certified refrigerators and freezers to our product lineup. For all clinical cold storage needs, ABS has you covered.


Natural hydrocarbon refrigerants

In 2022 hydrocarbon refrigerants took center stage, featuring in 100% of our top sellers. ABS is a national leader in hydrocarbon refrigerants, offering a cleaner, greener, energy efficient alternative. What’s not to love? Go hydrocarbon.


Microprocessor temperature Control

Microprocessor temperature regulation is a coveted feature for good reason. These lightning-fast digital controllers monitor temperatures with speed and accuracy to 0.1 degree. Microprocessor refrigerators and freezers were a hot commodity in 2022 and continue to take the ABS spotlight.


Glass Door Builds

The 2022 door style award goes to glass—crowning 80% of our best sellers. For quick scanning, easy access, and crystal clarity—go with a glass door. They’re a customer favorite and sure to please.


Energy Star Certification

Energy Star Certification still makes the charts, with labs and pharmacies looking to save money on running costs wherever possible. Energy Star Certification ensures that units run efficiently and saves dollars for where they’re needed most.


Undercounter and Space-saving Units

2022 proved that less is more, with 50% of our top sellers featuring undercounter or compact models. No matter what your setting, ABS offers you space-saving units with all the professionalism and features of full-size. It’s a no-brainer, and our customers agree.


Wrapping it up

Whatever features you used and enjoyed in 2022, we’re grateful to our customers and friends for all your support throughout the past year.


Cheers to your success in 2023,

American Biotech Supply

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