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Your Key to Selecting the Best Medical Grade Refrigerator Freezer Combo: Why Labs Choose ABS

As an administrator or contractor for a hospital or laboratory, it is your responsibility to procure high-quality, affordable equipment for your facility. Designed to safely store medications and supplies, a medical grade refrigerator freezer combo plays a critical role in many medical and scientific applications. Below is a look at the top benefits of a medical refrigerator freezer combo and the top ten reasons why buyers choose American Biotech Supply (ABS) as their trusted provider.

What are the benefits of a medical grade refrigerator freezer combo?

Providing a climate controlled environment for medications, vaccines, blood components, and biopsy samples is essential to protecting the health of patients. A medical refrigerator freezer combination unit achieves this goal without breaking your budget and without consuming a large amount of valuable floor space. Below is a look at the top four benefits offered by medical grade refrigerator freezer combos.

1) Conserve space

Medical grade refrigerator freezer combos have a compact footprint, enabling you to maximize floor space at your facility. In fact, some combination models require half the floor space that you would need to accommodate a separate freezer and refrigerator. This helps you prevent overcrowding and boost efficiency in your pharmacy or laboratory.

2) Minimize costs

Investing in an all-in-one refrigerator freezer unit will help your bottom line in multiple ways. First, the purchase price will be lower for a dual purpose medical grade unit as compared to the combined purchase price of a free-standing medical refrigerator and separate freezer. Second, you will save on shipping and delivery costs. And third, you will save on energy consumption because you will be using one appliance instead of two. 

3) Comply with best practices

“Biomedical-grade, combination units are ideal for clinics wanting a best-practice storage solution in a compact package.” – Maine Department for Health and Human Services

Dual chamber fridge freezer combos can help your healthcare facility achieve compliance in more ways than one. Combo units that are energy-efficient and reduce greenhouse emissions can help your facility achieve compliance with government mandates and industry-specific regulations.

4) Reduced maintenance

By choosing a medical grade refrigerator/freezer combo instead of a refrigerator and freezer purchased separately, you will reduce your long-term maintenance needs. Additionally, you will only need to keep track of one warranty, one manufacturer, and one collection of operating instructions. 

Why do the nation’s top hospital administrators and contractors choose ABS?

Not all medical grade fridge freezer combos are created equal. The single best step you can take to ensure that you receive a top of the line combination unit is to seek the guidance of an industry expert. Over the years, American BioTech Supply (ABS) has emerged as the nation’s most trusted provider of medical grade biotech equipment. Below are the top six reasons why the nation’s leading facility managers and contractors turn to ABS for top of the line refrigerator freezer combos.

1) 25 years of industry experience

There is no substitute for experience in the realm of biotech equipment. With two and a half decades of experience in the biotech equipment industry, ABS is known for delivering the highest level of product and service. ABS’s extensive customer base includes pharmacies, laboratories, research facilities, universities, training institutions, and hospitals.

2) An extensive selection of models

At ABS, we recognize that every facility has a unique set of needs. Whether you are seeking a left-hinged combo, or a sleek stainless steel model, or a Premier Flammable design, ABS has refrigerator freezer combos to meet your needs. Here is a glimpse of some of the different types of models customers can choose:

3) Eco-friendly designs

ABS is proud of its commitment to reduce global warming potential by offering dual-temperature combination units that are environmentally friendly. Featuring natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants, the ABS product line also meets new EPA/SNAP mandates while complying with ASHRAE and UL guidelines. 

4) Unmatched precision

Quality, accuracy, and precision are the hallmarks of ABS combination units. Each combo model features separate microprocessor temperature controllers to deliver the most accurate temperature control. Models also feature outstanding temperature uniformity and recovery following door openings. Finally, customers will enjoy a clear digital temperature display to promote accurate monitoring.      

5) A two-year parts and labor warranty on fridge freezer combos

Customers who purchase refrigerator freezer combos from ABS will enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with a two-year parts and labor warranty, plus an additional three-year compressor warranty. Additionally, ABS offers a dedicated email address and tech support contact number for clients seeking to speak with an experienced biomedical technician with product expertise. Finally, ABS offers a comprehensive collection of resources that includes product literature and answers to frequently asked questions.

6) A One-Stop Shop for all of your biotech needs

ABS is more than a supplier of medical grade refrigerators and freezers. Customers across the globe turn to ABS for related products to enhance their facilities. Examples include a complete line of refrigerators and freezers in addition to a variety of other related products, as listed below:

  • Hazardous location and flammable material storage

  • Cryogenic equipment

  • Controlled auto defrost units

  • Personal protection equipment

  • Accessories such as keyless locks and temperature monitoring devices

By serving as a one stop shop for biotech products, customers save time and money as everything ships from a single location.


The Bottom Line

Choosing a high quality medical grade refrigerator freezer unit can help your hospital, laboratory, or pharmacy control costs, maximize efficiency, and reduce your long-term maintenance requirements. Most importantly, a top tier combo freezer fridge can put your facility on the fast track to regulatory compliance.

To discover how your healthcare facility can benefit from a medical grade refrigerator freezer combination, we invite you to contact us at ABS. Our team of biotech specialists will listen to your needs and requirements and help you select the model that is the best fit for your applications and budget. We look forward to becoming your trusted source for all your biotech product needs. 


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