ABS Auto Jr Ext Image
ABS Auto Jr Ext Image

ABS Auto Jr, 6000 Vials

Product Number: AJ-IV

The unique fiberglass restricted-opening neck design of the ABS Auto Jr. reduces LN consumption rates far below other auto-filling units. Under laboratory testing providing one opening per day, the ABS Auto Jr. operated and maintained “cryogenic temperatures” for over a month on one 180-liter LN supply tank. Competitive units can consume three or four supply tanks per month. 

The Auto Jr is the economical auto-fill for every lab. Every Auto Jr comes standard with: 6ft. stainless-steel armor-plated transfer hose, 1/3 year parts and labor warranty, roller base, stainless steel inventory racks, and the Sentry LN2 Controller.

ABS Auto Jr. package systems are also available, including: ABS Auto Jr. Tank, Sentry LN2 Controller, stainless steel rack inventory system, transfer hose, CryoGloves, LN measuring rod, and either fiberboard boxes (25 cell, 81 cell, 100 cell, or custom) or polycarbonate boxes (25 cell, 81 cell, or 100 cell).

  • Sentry Controller
  • UL-Listed Transformer
  • Stainless steel armor-plated transfer hose
  • State of the art hanging rack design
  • Cast aluminum roller base
  • Lid with locking provision & protective boot
  • Fiberglass restricted opening neck design
  • One-year warranty on all parts and labor
  • Three-year vacuum warranty
  • Total Vial Capacity (2 ml Vial) – 6000
  • Total Box Capacity* – 60
  • Rack Capacity – 6
  • Boxes Per Rack – 10
  • Vials Per Box (2 ml) – 100
  • LNCapacity (Liters) – 165
  • Static Evaporation Rate** (Liters/Day) – 0.84
  • Static Holding Time** (Days) – 194
  • Power Requirement – 24 VAC
  • Neck Diameter (mm) – 215.9
  • Exterior Height (mm) – 990.6
  • Exterior Diameter (mm) – 683.3

*Storage Boxes are 5 1/5'' x5 1/5'' 'x 2" with a cell capacity between 16-144.
**Static Evaporation Rate and Static Holding Time are nominal. Actual rate may be affected by the nature of the contents, atmospheric conditions, container history and manufacturing tolerances.

  • Temperature Display (°C)
  • Level accuracy with 4 direct read sensors
  • Large Format LED Display
  • Alarm Ringback
  • Redundant Level Sensor System
  • Liquid Level Indicator
  • Alarm Package (Audible, Visual and Remote)
    º     Level, High and Low
    º     High Temperature
    º     Sensor Failure
  • Remote Monitoring System Available